Nouveauté Games Workshop 8 avril 2017

Nouveauté Games Workshop 8 avril 2017

Necrom... oups, non, Shadow war arrive sur les tablettes bientôt. 1 semaine pour être précis et ici, nous sommes très excité par ce jeu. Alors sans plus attendre, voici les pré-commandes de la semaine! Pré-commande avant mardi le 4 avril.

Shadow War: Armageddon

  • A standalone boxed game using the classic Necromunda rules set that pits kill teams (using Warhammer 40,000 models) against each other in skirmish combat.
  • Contains 2 kill teams and scenery to get you started – 5 Space Marine Scouts (48-16) and 5 with sniper rifles (48-29), versus 10 Ork Boyz (50-10), as well as brand-new multi-level, modular scenery with a heavy industrial theme.
  • Includes a 120-page softback rule book.
  • Contains the full rules needed to play, including 6 missions, and comprehensive rules for linking games together into a large evolving campaign.
  • Also included are 3 translucent red plastic templates, Over watch and Hidden counters, and 7 dice – 5 x D6, a scatter die and an artillery die.
  • Shadow War: Armageddon can be expanded using a variety of existing Citadel miniatures. FREE PDFs containing rules for 10 additional factions can be downloaded from

Prix régulier: 160$

Pré-commande: 136$ taxes incluses

Battletome:  Blades of Khorne
  • Collects together the rules and background you need to combine the Mortal and Daemonic followers of Khorne into a single force.
  • Completely supercedes and replaces Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound (83-02-xx).
  • This 152-page book contains background, history and a timeline detailing the many grisly aspects of Khorne, as well as full rules for every Khorne miniature,w including Path to Glory, Allegiance Abilities, Artefacts of Power, Daemonic Gifts, Blood Tithes, Blood Blessings of Khorne, 2 Battleplans, 33 Warscrolls and 23 Warscroll Battalions, and Pitched Battle Profiles.

Prix régulier: 50$

Pré-commande: 42,50$ taxes incluses

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